Guide 4. - Project Context Definition

Chapter concept

Gather all the properties of the project itself that can influence tech decisions and create a simple method to map related QAs to them. Initial ideas:
  • What is the expected lifetime of the project
  • What is the appropriate level and quality or documentation
  • How important is the maturity of the used tools
  • What's the importance of making the project easy to maintain, possibly by other developers.
  • How likely is that components will need to be changed.
  • How many platforms will the product have to support over it's entire lifetime
  • How many teams will be using the results of the project.
  • How many teams will be involved in delivering the project.
  • What's the budget
  • What's the deadline
  • What's the schedule
And the technical environment of the project and it's important quality attributes:
  • Existing systems to interact with
  • Existing systems to replace
  • ...