The programmer's checklist for making technical decisions that maximize revenue and minimize costs

Stage 1: Business Idea

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Stage 2: Business Vision & Mission & Strategy
Stage 3: Product Strategy & Roadmap
Stage 4: Organization & Processes
Stage 5: Product Design

Money to Code Exchange

The following currencies are convertible at the next 2 steps:

You can improve the financial results by minimizing the money needed to produce the software without compromising on functionality, quality, speed of delivery or in general the profit.

That includes using the right programming tools, system architecture and infrastructure so you can achieve customer satisfaction in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Everything up till implementation is about identifying what are the required quality attributes to satisfy the customers and finding the tools that deliver them with the lowest cost.

This also involves setting up the work processes in a way that enables shipping the software with minimal wage and operational costs.

Stage 6: Software Design
Stage 7: Implementation & QA

Code to Money Exchange

The following currencies are convertible at the next 3 steps:

The code should be written in a way that supports the following points through implementing the right quality attributes:

  • The product is aligned with the user needs and preferences.
  • It's engaging and useful.
  • Focused and polished, attention to details.
  • Development priorities are aligned with the product's focus and main values
  • It's stable, performant, has minimal blocking time, in general usage is undisturbed.
  • It's released at a rate that is preferred by the customers.
  • It reacts quickly to the changing market and user needs.
  • That's why we need to see usage trends and insights, and be able to rapidly develop and ship high quality software.
  • Consistently offers a better solution than the competition.
  • Has a great community and encourages interaction and participation.
  • It's accompanied by stellar support enhanced by collecting internal (logging) and user feedback as much as possible. (hopefully ethically)
Stage 8: Delivery
Stage 9: Operation
Stage 10: Feedback

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