Full Context Development Legal Documents

I'm fully committed to keep my legal practices transparent and to protect your data according to the applicable laws. Here you can find all the governing policies that applies to you while using Full Context Development.

Terms of Service

The general terms and conditions that form our legal relationship with the users of our services.

Privacy Policy

This document describes our practicies of handling your perpsonal data that you provide while using our services.

Data Protection Agreement

To comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations I discolse my data handling practices and the measures I take to protect your information and provide you the rigths ensured by these laws.

Subprocessors & Cookies

I disclose the 3rd party companies I use during providing the service to you and the reasons of sharing your data with them. I also describe our use of cookies.

Notice about the California Consumer Privacy Act

The CCPA gives California residents rights and control over their personal information, in this document make certain disclosures about the collection and processing of their personal information.

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