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The main way to contact support is thorugh the dedicated email address: [email protected]. Please start the subject line with "SUPPORT" followed by a short description of your issue. If you find it more convenient try any of the following options as well.


You can DM my user with the problems you experience: @fullctxdev or use the tag #fullctxdevsupport if you think the issue is of public nature.


You can post a Question on our sub-reddit: r/fullcontextdev. Please start the title with "SUPPORT:" followed by a short description of your issue. I really hope the commuinity will be kind & caring and offer help as well but I will also monitor the sub for issues.

Support quality

I would like to be transparent and let you know, support is provided only by myself for now, which means I probably won't respond quickly and because I don't know what to expect about the volume of request I cant't make any guarantees about solving issues. I'm dedicated to do my best to help any of my users who face issues or inconviniences but operating this kind of project is a tremendous task and I sure lack the capacity to offer the level of support (and really anything) on the industry standard level you would expect (and I would love to offer). Please be forgiving, if things work out well I might be able to scale up and increase the quality of every part involved. Thanks a lot, and looking forward to hear from you and get to the bottom of that problem! - Joe

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