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The Ultimate Adoption Guide
This is an in-depth analysis, intended to help technical decision makers in evaluating how well Remix can serve their project needs. It introduces the framework, then takes a deep dive into its technical capabilities and unique architectural choices while walking through the Code to Money Roadmap to identify the business impact of Remix over every aspect of the software development process. (If you are not familiar with the Roadmap, don't worry. I will briefly explain every relevant idea as we go.) By the time you finish reading the review, you will have all the information necessary to make an objective decision about adoption and also you will be ready to convince any manager that might stand in your way. We will discover what kind of projects can benefit the most from using this framework and which types can't utilize its strengths. You will learn about the real life influence of Remix over the user experience, developer experience, organizational performance and, consequently, the expected financial results. Does it sound good? Then... let's do some more introduction. 😉 — right after the short summary:

Remix in numbers:Total Impact: 19400






Remix is an insanely powerful productivity booster. Its other contributions pale in comparison, but don't let this fool you. Those are significant, impactful benefits in their own right. You, however, have to carefully consider the characteristics of your project. The strengths of Remix can't shine everywhere.
What's this Full Context stuff?
As this is the first Full Context Review™ out there and virtually nobody knows what does that mean, let me get it out of the way. It's not your regular tech review. I created this article using the Full Context method, which is a well-defined system for analyzing programming tools and technologies. You won't be reading small code snippets showcasing how to do the simplest of stuff with Remix, then concluding it's awesome. What we do here is going though each and every technical factor that contributes into the financial performance of your software product, be it framework architecture, the quality of produced application code, the efficiency of working with Remix, how well it can integrate into your existing workflows and utilize existing skills among many, many other considerations. The nice thing about the Full Context approach is that, it provides structure and guidance for doing this without missing any important factor.
But to be honest with you, thanks to this the article became quite long. On more than a few occasions it goes beyond Remix, as it also covers project concerns that are influenced by but not directly related to the framework. A few examples are: observability, product design and business strategy. At times, it contains exciting information you won't even find in the official docs. Other times, it will go on and on about things not relevant or interesting to you. In a sense, it pains me, but the real goal of this review is not take you on an exciting journey but to help you get actual work done. If what you need are structured, objective insights that you can take with yourself into any serious discussion, this is the material you are looking for. Otherwise you can 20/80 the article by reading only the Stage Scores and the Summary at the end. It will be worth it either way. Let's find out together if both you and Remix swiped right.
What is Remix Run?
The core framework design
The review method
Stage 1: Business Idea
Stage 2: Business Vision & Mission & Strategy
Stage 3: Product Strategy & Roadmap
Stage 4: Organization & Processes
Stage 5: Product Design
Stage 6: Software Design
Stage 7: Implementation & QA
Stage 8: Delivery
Stage 9: Operation
Stage 10: Feedback
Pros & Cons
Final Score
Business Impact


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